Using both Leica TS06 & Robotic TS16 total stations we will be learning how to set up so we can use accurately. Sighting and shooting Targets so we can then simulate setting out various types of works.

Using drawings we will be setting out Radius Wall’s & Kerbs, Lift shafts, straight walls, manhole positions, piles, drainage runs & check / transfer heights all with Leica total stations.

Using drawings we will be setting out *Radius Wall’s *Kerbs *Lift shafts *Straight walls *Manhole positions *Piles *Drainage
Using different programs in the total station to work more accurately & efficiently we will be learning how to use: *Resection *Stake-out *Reference Line * Reference Arc*  and *Height Transfer

Using GPS we will learn:

*How GPS works through the principle of triangulation.

*How to take surveys in rapid time.

*How to set-out using GPS


Using Auto-Cad we will learn how to:

* Extract relevant information, co-ordinates & dimensions

* Create offsets & extract new information

* Overlay different drawings

* As-built Cad drawings

* Learn how to save, email & print drawings or part drawings

* Change grid axis

* Change global drawing into local drawing

* Calculate area / volume

* Turn relevant Layers on/off making drawings clearer


Using the Calculator we will be learning:

*SLOPE CALCULATION – To calculate levels for drainage, invert levels & gradient percentage.

*GLOBAL-LOCAL – To change “Global “ grid to “Local” grid using new co-ordinates.

*WHOLE CIRCLE BEARING – To find bearing & distance between known points.

*DISTANCE  – To calculate the distance between 2 points

*INTERSECT – calculate the intersection point of two lines.

* COOR CAL – calculate coordinates using relative distances and angles.

*AREA – calculate area of polygons using coordinate values.



Using the Dumpy level we will learn how to:

* Set up Dumpy level correctly for accurate readings

* Calculate dig levels

* Calculate Distance

* Transfer T.B.M & Datums

* Check dumpy is working accurately using a 2 Peg test

* Calibrate Dumpy


Using the Laser Level we will learn how to:

*Set up Laser Level correctly

* Calculate required level

* Attach receiver correctly to staff


Using the Pipe Laser we will Learn how to:

*Position Laser suitably for the work required

*Calculate correct gradient %

* Input gradient % into laser

* Use Laser target