I worked as a shuttering carpenter for 6 years until I began having problems with my back & decided I needed a career change. After training with Structure I worked as a setting out engineer in London for 3 years & now I am a senior engineer for Costains, It was the best thing I ever done.

Chris Birch, Newham London.
I got onsite training from Structure 2 years ago as the company I worked for required some setting-out to be done occasionally. Our company has since grown and i am now the full time onsite engineer.

Steven Griffin, Maidstone
I was employed as a steel fixer for Laing O’Rourke when I got the opportunity to do training with structure. I worked 1 year in London as a setting out engineer and I am now working as a site engineer in the mining industry in Western Australia, best move I ever made.

Nigel Chambers, Luton
I worked as a bricklayer for a local firm until I had training from structure, after 3 great years as a setting out engineer I am now working in Dubai as an engineer. Could never of happened without Structure.

Mike Rafferty, Dublin